AP world test and essay

I survived the AP world test and essay, that doesn’t particularly mean I got good grade however. I think I did pretty well. I thought it was easy, but then again if I think something is easy, it usually means I did poorly, but I’ll keep my hopes up. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Most of the questions I knew the answer to, and I was also surprised that if I actaully used my brain a little more I could pick the best answer, which was hopefully the right one. I think the idea of a big scary AP test was probably what had me so nervous, but I think it was a reasobable way to start of the school year. I remember my reaction to the first question: relief mainly because I actually knew the answer and by the end of  the test I wasn’t sobbing hysterically or pulling my hair out so I actually didn’t mind taking it. I prepared myself by taking notes on the chapters, rereading the chapters during the day before the test. I wish I had studied some aspects more carefully. I sometimes overestimate my memory but I felt prepared by the end of the test, the essay however is a whole other story.

The essay was something I definitely should have prepared for more. Looking back it was an easy essay. Comparing and contrasting different civilizations politics and religion really isn’t that bad. I just didn’t really put in enough time in effort to force myself to go back and refresh my memory with six chapters worth of information. I blanked momentarily when I read the question, I don’t think I was prepared at all. I had a rough general idea of the civilizations I was going to use, but “rough ideas” doesn’t exactly help that during an essay. Also I probably should’ve managed my time better. I think I spent a good portion of the time brainstorming, organizing, and mostly panicking. My next essay I should definitely reread all the chapters and study harder, possibly change my study habits.


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