My history head project


You can’t really read the writing but everything else is fine
Oh yeah something else I took the picture before I wrote the title which was a bad idea in hindsight
I did Egypt anyhow


5 thoughts on “My history head project

  1. Hi Cecilia,
    Your history project is really cool! I like the drawings; most are clear and defined which clearly show your civilization’s factors. The only thing is that the title is missing, maybe because it was cut off when taking the picture. Also, I think the key might be missing too. My project is about India and some factors are similar, probably because India traded with Mesopotamia so they were influenced by each other. For example in both of our projects, migrations and traders both were external factors that affected our cultures. There were some differences too; like how your society people were worried about fire wood, in India they were less concerned with fire because it was mostly hot but sometimes it would come up for cooking purposes. I was just a little bit confused about the external factor on the bottom right with the many pyramids next to the rivers. What factor did that represent?

  2. Hey
    I liked how you drew everythng so well, and also your maps are accurate and your poster is colorful. I think that your timeline shouldhave been bigger so that the events would stand out. Also you should have made a key so that people would know what things repersent. One similar thing about China and Mesopatamia was the agricultural production, and pottery usage. In Mesopatamia had different areas of settlement and china did not have many. I want to know what you drew next to Africa?

    Sincerely, Raxa

  3. Hey Cecelia, I like the fact that you drew all your images and they’re really good. The one thing that I think is missing is the key for the images and the fact that the images aren’t numbered, but other other than that, everythings great. For my poster, I did the Mesoamerican society, which is similar to the Egyptian society in that they both built pyramids in their cities (or ceremonial centers). The two societies were also different in that Egyptian pharaohs were associated with their gods, while Mesoamerican rulers and kings did not possess any divinity. The only thing I don’t understand is the African map, which shows Bantu migrations? Did you do just Egypt or the whole of Africa?

    Good Job! – Lynn

  4. Hi Cecilia!
    I like your diagrams, they are well put together and give a lot of information. Your head drawings could be a little bigger and the writing could be a little clearer as well, but overall it’s a good poster. Both of our societies, China and Egypt, had rivers that flooded which greatly affected the agriculture. Unlike China, Egypt’s culture and society spread throughout sub-Saharan Africa through Nubia. I was wondering what the person stood for in the head?
    Always (HP reference),

  5. Hi Cecilia. Nice job drawing the pictures (especially Africa) and I think the map of the Egypt area is informative. Your key for the map is great, but where is your key for the poster? You should add in a key to mark the five themes. Both Egypt and India have a river, the Nile and the Indus respectively, that influenced agriculture. In Egypt, the pharaohs were at the top of the hierarchy; in India the Brahmans were at the top of the hierarchy. Could you clarify why you drew a house?
              – Sam Lee =)

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