The Two Blog Posts

Hey Pearl,

I really liked the drawing and designs on your poster and how your head was completely filled. Your timeline could use more information about the achievements or specific events happening in Mesoamerica at that time instead of the time period the empires or kingdoms existed. I did Egypt and one way that the two societies are similar is that they both built monumental pyramids, but they’re different because Egyptians didn’t think blood was a necessary sacrafice. Who were the neighboring societies that Mesoamericans traded with?

Sincerely, Cecilia



Hi Gilad!

I like your simplicity and easy to follow aspect of the poster it’s very gratifying. I think maybe you could put some more use to the emptiness and fill up the space a little more. I did Egypt and our societies were similar in that the religious leaders were very high ranked and had a lot of influence, but our societies are also different in that the Indian society believed in karma and reincarnation and karam whereas Egyptians believed they started over in another world with what they were buried with. How did the Indian society treat their elders, women, men and children?

Sincerely, Cecilia


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