The Analects books 1,2, and 3

This is not a religion nor does it support the theory that all people are born either good or bad. The books describe how a person should act and what actions are good and bad. This shows the people in China thought people did not know how to act in order to be good or bad, and by writing The Analects people had a guideline to follow. In book one it says “A youth, when at home should be…” (book 1ch VI), and proceeds to list how a young person should act to be virtuous implying that a person can be made to be good. Philosopher Yu is recorded saying when arguing both parties argue about what is right and what can be made right and with respect both stay far from “shame and disgrace” (book 1 ch XIII). This passage shows that only when people follow a certain way they can be good. This implies that they believed people had control of their own character and weren’t born a certain way. The Analects also say if people lead their lives with virtue and the rules of propriety they “will have the sense of shame and moreover become good” (book 2 ch III). This passage supports the idea that people can control their “moral compasses” and choose whether they can be good or bad based on what “rules” they decide to follow.


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