The Differences Between India And Chinese Government

In India, the country was barely united for an extended period of time. They had a caste system in which certain people were certain categories and there was no movement. The kingdoms didn’t utilize a bureaucratic government as much as the Chinese did. A king would let the local officials and administrators do whatever they wanted whereas in China the emperor kept a watchful eye on the officials. India’s government allowed there to be towns and trading within the areas and outside the country. In China, the country was separated into districts and the trading was over the silk routes. The government was strict and formal in India the government was laid back, and most of the time they weren’t even a united whole. The kingdoms were ruled by kings and there weren’t separate dynasties or even any dynasties in India as opposed to China who was ruled by emperors and had many dynasties. Also the fall of a kingdom was different. The government caused the fall of Chinese dynasties due to internal conflict or the “who gets the power now” issue rather than in India it was a financial problem.


One thought on “The Differences Between India And Chinese Government

  1. Good contrasts! You want to take advantage of opportunities to practice your thesis writing though–think about how you would structure a topic sentence to unify your writing more…

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