Democracy for the win or maybe not

Democracy it’s a fun thing.

The good things about democracy would be everyone would have an equal say. There would be no collection of power in a certain class everyone would have equal say and it would completely fair. Democracy would be a good thing in a small community it would take less time to count all the votes and in a small community decisions are more of an impact due to the limited population so it would make sense to have a direct democracy voting on every single thing.

The bad things about having a direct democracy is that people would have to vote on every single thing every single time. In a big community it becomes impractical. One year they could vote to start a new wind farm, but the following year the people vote to end construction and the people are left with half a functioning wind farm, nothing would get finished. Also in a large community voting on everything would cause a lot of time spent on counting rather than on more productive means. Also every single person votes individually and a certain class may be influenced by an outside factor so it wouldn’t necessarily be “fair” it’s a stretch but it’s a valid point.


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