Alexander would not be elected as president now. He is charismatic and a good leader, but he is a frequent drinker and I assume (hopefully) that Americans don’t want their country to be run by a drunk president. Imagine the state of the union addresses “heyyy guys so about America” stumble here stumble there. It wouldn’t be that bad, but pretty close. Alexander has all the qualities that people look for in a president. He is strong and tactful, but he is driven by emotions and he seems to have a lot of pride. He isn’t modest which is what most people look for in candidates to make sure the candidate isn’t a crazy “me” supremacist. Alexander killed his friend because of a argument when they were both drunk. Alexander went after Persia for personal revenge. America can’t go after a huge powerful country just because the president wants to. Alexander wouldn’t stand to have his pride beaten. He would get into a lot of fights with the senators and advisors and the media. Even if Alexander attempted to hide these aspects they would be found out anyway because of the media and press these days anyway.


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