A Shifted View Of Rome

My overall view on the Roman Empire is still positive. The women in the empire had few rights, but it was more rights than other kingdoms at that time period. Women were able to freely leave a relationship they deemed bad and they could get some of their dowry back. It was a patriarchal society so men dominated, but it was relatively easy to leave. I don’t think the arranged marriages were such a problem. The Romans ha different view on marriage than we do today. They saw it was a business deal we see it as two people love each other and spend the rest of their lives together. Also the policies didn’t allow a man to have a wife and a concubine which is very respectful to the women. With the Romans having that view on marriage there is nothing wrong with having arranged marriages both sides knew that was the sentiment, it was their lifestyle and I really I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sticking to a particular lifestyle and attitude. It wasn’t a big deal emotion wise to them so my view still remains positive. The perspective of subjects impacts thoughts by putting them in different lights. If the men tended to benefit more from marriage and divorce policies of Ancient Rome then they would of course write about it a good way it would seem like a good thing, but if a woman suffered because of these policies then obviously her writings would be covered up by the patriarchal society and it would put a very dark tone on this it just depends who it is and what they thought.


One thought on “A Shifted View Of Rome

  1. The comparison of women’s roles during this time is an interesting one. Be sure you can cite examples to support yourself should you need to in the future!

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