Rome and China Being Best Buds

If I was the Han Dynasty I would view the. Roman Empire as a friend, but I’d regard them carefully. A friend because the want to trade. They have made several attempts to connect with China which means they probably really want to trade with us. Also there was no hint of a threat or a takeover when they talked about trading as well. The Roman Empire also seems to have a lot of desirable things, and they seem very fortified and organized so taking over would be a bad idea, that doesn’t include the huge hike to get there. They offered to trade with China so they definitely want something China has, and China might want something Rome has so why not stay friendly and both be at peace with each other which will facilitate trade. I’d regard them carefully though, I wouldn’t get too complacent. Rome is very organized and they have a stable government. They could be seeking to expand and since China has a lot of desirable resources they could just sail across the Mediterranean and fight. Rome also seems to have a lot of power and influence and if they start imposing their power over the small trading countries then we have a problem.


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