The Quran, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Christianity

The teachings in the Quran is similar to those in the Zoroastrian teachings in that an essentially good god will come to judge people. Zoroastrianism teachings say that there is a balance between light and dark, and the dark is bad, but following worshipping Ahura Mazda will bring good fortune to the after life. Similarly in the Quran it says that the god in Islam will “lead you out of darkness into light” which presumably is the same idea that is in Zoroastrian teachings. Also the judgement day theme is similar in both religious teachings.

In Judaism God is the all powerful one that created everything and he rewards people in heaven based on how they live in their present life. In the Islam faith Allah has about the same relationship in that “god has forgiveness and a great reward” for the people that have done as they were taught by their prophet Moses or Muhammad. The main god being Yahweh or Allah has given the people a set of rules to follow through a prophet and by following them they are rewarded in the afterlife.

The relationships between god and his people and Allah and his people in Christianity and Islam is that god is “most benevolent, ever merciful” god there is. He is the only god that will be worshipped and they both have angels and they both have helped you in some way or form. In Christianity, Jesus taught that God is the only god and he is merciful and kind, the same thing said in the Quran. Also Christianity teaches that God sends angel down to lead people and spread his word, just like Islam. Christianity also says that by following God people achieve salvation, and a rewarding afterlife, Islam has a rewarding life if Allan’s teachings are followed. Christianity also says God helps everyone and he is the begotten one, well that Quran says that about Allah as well. They are both exceedingly similar in their relationships with their god and his people.


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