Biased map issues

1. The map didn’t have a better key because the creators of the map assumed that people would know what the symbols meant because they used symbols that universally known on most maps. It also might have been there was very little detail on the map causing the creators to think an elaborate key wasn’t necessary.

2. All the kingdoms weren’t shown on the map because like it was demonstrated in class, it would take up too much space. There were multiple kingdoms in Africa and by putting them all on the map, the map would’ve been hard to read and there would be very little space for other details so only the bigger man ones were shown.

3. Religion isn’t shown because it generally isn’t shown on a map unless it is religion specific. Normally people don’t look at maps for religion so the makers probably saw no need to put in any religion or it is a way to show the lack of civility in the African region because they lacked structure even though religious ways although that is not true and biased.

4. The overall impact is it forms an opinion for the looker. Trade routes aren’t shown of Africa exporting goods so it looks like Africa didn’t contribute much to the world, but that is not true. It also makes them seem poor. Only three kingdoms are shown creating the effect that the ret of Africa is lawless and uncivilized. Few cities were labeled in Africa also contributing to an unstructured view of Africa. Regions were loosely labeled along with natural formations causing a feeling that Africa really isn’t worth spending time on. If the map was poorly done maybe it was because making a map of Africa isn’t worth it.


One thought on “Biased map issues

  1. But why isn’t it worth it to make an accurate map of Africa when they make accurate maps of, say, Europe? What underlying societal issue is at work here, and why is this map supportive of it?

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