Griots and the tale of Cecilia

I would rather have my story passed down through the African style of griots that’s by a textbook. Textbooks are boring long and on late nights the lines start to cross over each other. It’s almost a guarantee if your name is in a textbook, the person reading it probably doesn’t care too much about you anyway. Generally information taken from a textbook doesn’t last too long outside of the book and it’ll be forgotten and no one will willingly want to read my history if it was in a textbook. It’d be very dry and dull. Griots are trained to specifically memorize and pass down history so I can be assured my life’s story won’t be too far off. Also people would probably be more open to hearing my history if it was through a song. It’s different and it’s easier to remember. The listeners are entertained and are educated about my auspicious (no) life. Songs can turn annoying but the length will probably keep it from getting old. If in the event it does get old, annoying songs are usually overplayed and easier to get stuck in your head and somehow you magically know all the lyrics no matter how hard you try to forget so I’d be stuck in people’s heads all day along with my history which I’d say is much better than being printed onto page of a history textbook no one will read.


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