My Crusade Project

The Third Crusade

I chose this one because after The Batlle at Acre and the capture of the city Jaffa, both sides realized they could just compromise and that would probably make life easier at that point. This song signifies the Muslim view about compromise. They are open to compromise and although they weren’t too pleased the crusade ended in just a compromise this song shows both sides were willing to make it happen. Compromises were constantly being offered. Saladin even gave Richard medicine and horses. How much more close to almost friendship/hatred can you get?

Ok this is the only lyric video I could find, just bear with it.
I chose this song because although Muslims were willing to compromise with the Christians, it doesn’t mean that they liked compromising. Most Muslims were disapointed at the aftermath. Nothing was accomplished and nothing was gained. This song interprets their inner frustration at the Christians and how to them this particular crusade could be seen as a failure because nothing good came out of it.

I chose this song because Muslims were angry at the Christians for what the massacre at Acre. Richard had taken over Acre during a siege, and after Saladin was unable to pay the money to free the, Richard killed them all and moved on. Evidently this angered a lot of Muslims so this song is used to portray that anger.

Children’s Crusade

Well the Children’s Crusade was a miserable failure. According to different sources and stories the children didn’t even make out of Europe. This song entials the Muslim’s sentiments that the children are on the other side of the world from them, literally and that they “give up easily”. No need to worry. They’re half way around the world.

Well again the children didn’t make it out of Europe there was no crusade for the Muslim’s to fight. They felt it was a frivolous effort to challenge. This song depicts their attitude that they could afford to be lazy and not do anything about the children.

No fighting. Muslims could “be ok”. They want to feel secure and safe, well this song shows that and because the children failed to get anywhere, the Muslims were ok!

Fifth Crusade

I think the title is pretty self explanatory. This song will be their perspective towards the middle area. The Muslims were perilously close to losing. The city Damietta had been taken and the Muslim Egyptians’ camp had been taken. Al-Kamil was almsot assassinated as well. Talk about tough luck. Metaphorically their world was crumbling away and they would have to stand up together, “face it all” and defeat the Christians at Cairo.

So by that August of 1221 the waters in the Nile were rising and it cut off the Christians from their supplies. The Christians had crossed a dry canal and didn’t have adquete supplies. They began their retreat, but they drank all their wine the night before. Al-Kamil ordered the banks of canal cut so the area the Christians were in was flooded and the Egyptians also began attacking. The Christian ships in the Nile were fleeing. Muslims win very quickly and in an abrupt turn of events. This song goes to show how pshyched out Muslims must be after this crusade. They were remarkably close to losing, yet they won. How exhilerating.

As explained by the previous song’s explanation, it was a pretty neat win. This song serves as the celebratory feeling afterword the Muslims felt after winning what seemed to be an unwinnable war until the luck finally turned back into their favor. Much celebration to go around and a little self proclaimed victory as well to show their happiness.


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