Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta go Traveling

Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta are not typical people of their time period. People rarely ever journeyed that far away from their homeland and that extensively for as long as they did. There was long distance trade, but merchants went in groups and it wasn’t as far as these two traveled and not as nearly as extensive. Both of them went to mostly every region inhabited and traveled all throughout that region. People of this time barely ever left their homes for such long journeys into foreign lands. They both were also known for recording what they saw not exactly for what they sold and brought back so unlike people of societies at that time, Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta didn’t go traveling to make money. They are still atypical of today’s society. Today no one travels to so many regions. People do travel farther around the world, but no one has the time or perhaps motivation to plan a global trip. It’d be very expensive and today nobody wants to pay that.


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