Christopher Columbus’s Been Lying and the article

1. The reasons there are myths about Christopher Columbus are that people could have exaggerated just a bit to make him seem superior and rather determined. They could also exaggerate the his difficulties to make him appeal more to the lower class and have them pay ore attention to the Spanish endeavors and to perhaps show that the Spanish government is less rich that thought to prevent social tensions. Myths could also arise when different people decided to write about Columbus and make up facts as they go. If Columbus had died by then and people only knew his story from what others said, there are going to be some plot holes that need filling in, and there could always be that no one really cared and he didnt really care about what was written although that is highly unlikely. There is a holiday for him perhaps because this is America and since America likes to consider territories just outside America, America El Salvador qualifies to be “American” in a sense and we have a holiday. We might also have a holiday in that European first came over and wiped out all the natives and perhaps they celebrated Columbus Day where they lived and just brought the day over.

2. I think the new path of history in the coming era could be improved technology and probably more conflict. The increased communications and trade throughout the world will inevitably foster competition leading to some rivalries and rulers are only human. The better technology could lead to even more destructive warfare as well as add to it. One thing that will stay the same I think will be the spread and trade of goods throughout. People will always want what others have and people want to have money. There is always motive for trade and the set routes and new communications opened, trade will remain a constant in these societies through the next era.


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