Portugal, and Spain

I think the reasons for differences in the development between Portuguese and Spanish colonies first started off with their different motivations. Portugal colonized Brazil after other countries started visiting, whereas Spain went out specifically looking for gold and silver. I think Portugal’s colonies was more of an “accidental” thing because the king gave out land grants to anyone that wanted to start colonizing or cultivating land, and the fact that after sugar plantations were successful did people go suggests no one knew about the fertile land. So Portugal was more of a fix the governmental structure as we go kind of a process. Spain however was set out on finding precious metals so they conquered intentionally. They had an idea of what areas had land or they thought had land so they were able to readily implant their own political structure. When it turned out there was little precious metals they had to turn to something else which ended up being agriculture. Spain was more forced into agriculture rather than Portugal.


One thought on “Portugal, and Spain

  1. You raise an interesting point about motivations leading to different outcomes! Keep that in mind as we take a look at how Portugal deals with Africa to see if this is a thesis that will hold up.

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