Predicting the future: china style

Religion: I think religion will stay as it has throughout the years, Christianity and Islam will try to take a hold in China, but in the Ming and Qing dynasties they will still remain small and irrelevant to the general populous and Confucianism, Buddhism and new-Confucianism will still hold the major religious presence because throughout the years China has not adopted new ideas.

Gender: the patriarchal society will continue throughout the Ming and Qing dynasty it might ease a little but it will then go back to a predominantly patriarchal society because China has always been patriarchal and gets harsher through time, the introduction of new ideas might change the view but it is not likely.


5 thoughts on “Predicting the future: china style

  1. Hi Cecilia,
    Similarly to your prediction about religion, I agree that China does not see a lot of change; like in the political system which is also likely not to change.
    – Sam L.

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