Sooo why are we all together

I think Bentley and Foltz grouped all the empire together because they are all similar. They all were Islamic they were all founded by semi-nomadic groups from the Asian steppes, they all follow the essentially the same government system and they all reside in the same geographic region. Tis is different from what we’ve seen before because usually each empire has it’s own dedicated chapter detailing the founders, the origins, the lifespan and the fall. This just intermixes all of the empires in all of the different aspects of the empires whereas before it was just focused on one empire at a time and sometimes little comparisons for context. This indicates the probably for future empires sharing similarities will probably be discussed the same way this has. As we work our way into modern times societies become more similar so it’s a definite possibility many other kingdoms, empires, and societies will be discussed as a collective group.


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