Analysis of the changes and continuities

There was change in the world after the Great War in that countries all over the world formed alliances with their colonies and other world powers and made enemies with countries that were seeking more control in the world; there was continuity in that countries still wanted control.

Alliance between Triple Entente(Russia, France, and Britain) and colonial possessions( Morocco(Fr.). Algeria(Fr.), Tunisia(Fr.), Egypt(Br.), Finland(Rus.), Poland(Rus.)
Alliance between allies of Triple Entente(Portugal, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Rumania) and the colonial possessions(Libya(It.)
Enemy of Triple Entente and their allies is the Central Powers(Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary)

The Great War showed that the Central Powers wanted to gain control of the world
The Treaty of Versailles displayed that the Triple Entente and their allies wanted to gain control over the Central Powers by exploiting them in the treaty.

A reason for the change could be the competition between the countries of Europe. Different countries competed against each other resulting in tensions and agreements between countries in case violence should occur. The tensions got to such a stressed state that real alliances formed.

A reason for the continuity is that countries still wanted power. Every country wants resources and be in control of resources to ensure their survival in trade and economics. By having alliances in power in shows that countries still desired power and control over other. Whether it was for resource or safety, countries were still superior to others.


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