To World War II or to not World War II

The conclusion of the war partially addressed the causes I had identified. My causes were that the allied powers and axis powers had formed and as a result there were strained relations, Japan decided to take Manchuria, Italy took Ethiopia, and Germany had Hitler which is pretty self explanatory, nazi party and disregard of the treaty of Versailles and all. At the conclusion of the war, the allies were still allied and remained on good terms. However the axis powers didn’t have the reproduces to cause any strained relations or tensions in the area. The allied powers remained dominant after the war. This cause of addressed, on to the next one. Japan took Manchuria. United States decided it would take all of Japan’s pacific island holdings and after much fighting and two atomic bombs later Japan surrendered, but the issue of Manchuria was not specifically addressed and the Chinese people didn’t receive any outstanding aid after Japan’s raid and destruction. It’s was never really resolved then or later. Italy took Ethiopia. While the issue of Ethiopia was never really resolved either at that point, but was later, the allied powers forced Italy to withdraw from the axis powers and join them. Which also addresses the previous cause of tensions between the two alliances. Italy was no longer part of the “bad group” it was forced to withdraw from allied pressure. And now we arrive at Germany. Well the Hitler issue was resolved, he commit suicide. The army issue and resistance issue was resolved. After a lot of bombing and street by street battle German resistance faded after being attacked on all sides and they surrendered. And nothing was really done to Germany despite the fact pretty much everyone hated them.


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