You were bullied by Britain? Let’s be friends

Nkrumah’s call for unity reflects the tensions between decolonization and the food war because unifying Africa creates a sense of nationalism, and with nationalism, decolonization becomes a real possibility And one of the factors to want freedom from colonizers as well. African unity reflects the tensions of the decolonization because Africa was carved and shoved into boundaries made by essentially clueless Europeans. As they decolonize, the countries are left with an authority void and like Nkrumah mentioned, some states are in worse conditions than others. By calling for unity Africa has the chance to improve together and become one big happy African family rather than constant warfare between different states. It also reflects the old war because the Cold War had an imminent war feelings. A united Africa would dare much better in an upcoming war than a separated one. The United States and the USSR used others to fight so they could indirectly fight. With a unified Africa it would be much more difficult to grab Africans to fight rather than have separate states where it would be easy to just grab people and go.


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