You were bullied by Britain? Let’s be friends

Nkrumah’s call for unity reflects the tensions between decolonization and the food war because unifying Africa creates a sense of nationalism, and with nationalism, decolonization becomes a real possibility And one of the factors to want freedom from colonizers as well. African unity reflects the tensions of the decolonization because Africa was carved and shoved […]

To World War II or to not World War II

The conclusion of the war partially addressed the causes I had identified. My causes were that the allied powers and axis powers had formed and as a result there were strained relations, Japan decided to take Manchuria, Italy took Ethiopia, and Germany had Hitler which is pretty self explanatory, nazi party and disregard of the […]

Analysis of the changes and continuities

There was change in the world after the Great War in that countries all over the world formed alliances with their colonies and other world powers and made enemies with countries that were seeking more control in the world; there was continuity in that countries still wanted control. Change Alliance between Triple Entente(Russia, France, and […]

See? We’re all kinda similar

A similarity between the Islamic empires, Ming/ Qing China and Tokugawa Japan is their idea of staying isolated from the rest of the world. None of them wanted any foreign influence or anything that could destabilize them. I think the reasons for this is because before they closed off they all had outside connections, and […]

Sooo why are we all together

I think Bentley and Foltz grouped all the empire together because they are all similar. They all were Islamic they were all founded by semi-nomadic groups from the Asian steppes, they all follow the essentially the same government system and they all reside in the same geographic region. Tis is different from what we’ve seen […]